Get Ready for Thanksgiving

The holidays are here! Hope you enjoy these entertaining tips, holiday toasts, and tabletop ideas to help make this year’s celebration your most memorable courtesy of our friends at Country Living.

Floral Centerpiece

New York City floral designer Remco van Vliet chose roses, lady’s slipper orchids, and ranunculus in autumn hues to create this Thanksgiving centerpiece.”When you create an arrangement, start with thick-stemmed flowers, then fill in using blooms with more delicate stems,” says Remco van Vliet, whose floral displays delight millions of visitors at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

QUICK COLOR: Fill vases with cranberries or kumquats, then add water and flowers in complementary shades.

NICE AND EASY: If you’re on a budget, try arranging inexpensive poppies, daisies, or dahlias in old milk bottles or tumblers down the center of your table.

EYE-TO-EYE: To ensure guests can converse freely, flowers should sit no taller than 14 inches.

Dessert Table

This holiday, expand your entertaining space and move part of the party out of the dining room.
Step 1: Rethink your surfaces. Clear a side table or desktop in another room to create a cocktail bar or dessert station.
Step 2: Vary the height and size of your serving pieces. Incorporate footed compotes, trifle bowls, cake stands, and stacks of dessert plates to add dimension and visual interest to your entertaining surface.
Step 3: Corral your ice bucket, glassware, and libations on a tray that can be easily removed when coffee and tea are served.
Step 4: Mix and match your favorite china and glassware collections at the dessert station. Don’t worry about continuing the theme you create on your main table.

Book of Toasts

Raise a glass and toast your friends and loved ones this Thanksgiving. For dozens of quotes and poems appropriate for the occasion, visit And count your blessings by sharing a copy of The Thanksgiving Ceremony, which includes a short story about America’s early settlers that was written to be read aloud by your guests at the dinner table.

Drinking wine? Use our handy Party Palette plates with wine glass holders to easily hold your wine glass and your food.

Party Palette Sectioned Plastic Party Plates

Perfectly balanced plates that comfortably hold food and beverage all on a single plate The smaller plate holes wine glasses and stemware.keeping the other hand free for eating, greeting, exchanging business cards, and a myriad of other activities. Perfect for Thanksgiving entertaining!

If you’ve ever tried juggling a plate and wine glass while trying to socialize with family and friends, you’ll know exactly what a balancing act this can be! Party Palettes solve the problem! Serve your holiday appetizers in the living room while you enjoy family and friends with no spills or awkward moments!



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