Perfect Plastic Plates for Parties!

Ever tried juggling a plate and wine glass while trying to shake hands at a party? Or while trying to exchange business cards at a business event? Or struggled to balance food and beverages at any event? Like tailgating events where you’re trying to eat and drink while standing up? Or on a boat where you’re rocking with the waves? Or while camping, at backyard barbecues, and the list goes on. . .

Most of us know this drill all too well. Even with lots of practical experience,  most of us just haven’t achieved the title of “master juggler.”

The smaller plate holes wine glasses and stemware.

The smaller Party Palette holds wine glasses and stemware, along with light meals, appetizers or desserts. Great for business gatherings, cocktail parties, and holiday events.

The Party Palette solves the problem! They are perfectly balanced plastic plates for parties of all types. Each plate also holds a beverage.

The smaller plate holds a wine glass, goblet or cocktail glass. The divided areas are ideal for appetizers, snacks, or desserts. It’s the perfect plate for cocktail parties, business gatherings, receptions, and holiday parties.

Perfect plastic party plates for outdoor parties and family gatherings.

The larger Party Palette holds cans and glasses, along with a heaping plate of food. These plastic plates for parties are perfect for outdoor gatherings and parties of all types.

The larger version holds a beer or soda can, or a standard plastic or paper cup. With more space for food, these plates work great for barbecues, tailgate parties, camping, and casual parties.

Even full plates are easily held in one hand. The ergonomic design leaves your hand cramp-free, even if you hold the Party Palette for extended periods.

And the best part? Using Party Palettes  leaves one hand free to shake hands, exchange a business card, hold eating utensils, or drink a beverage without the usual juggling act!

We think you’ll love Party Palettes — the perfect plastic plates for parties of all types!

Need more information? See our Products page for product sizes and specifications. Ready to buy? Just click here to buy Party Palettes.


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